Show Notes: Hypothalamic Amenorrhea & Fertility

Amy Giannotti (@amyleegiannotti)is a dietitian and sports dietitian, but also a powerhouse in many other areas including yoga, personal training, mentoring and public speaking! She’s really big in creating a positive relationship with food which is we love sharing her message so much. In this podcast, Amy takes us through her Journey from an elite athlete to recovering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA). She is so very generous with sharing the ins and outs of her experience including the progress she has made so far, what took her through that change and what that change has meant for her so far. We are certain that you’ll get a lot out of this or at the very least have the confidence and power to move forward. Even if it’s just recognising that there is something to change and starting fresh with the confidence that those first steps are now a possibility. And with that comes a massive reminder that you don’t need to be an elite athlete or a super lean individual to be challenged by HA.

Alicia Edge


Alicia is the head Advanced Sports Dietitian at Compeat Nutrition. She is also a mum and triathlete, so advice extends beyond the basics and is instead focused on providing effective and achievable nutrition for both training and racing.

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